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Technical Recruiting Redefined for 21st Century

Shortlist and hire the best technical talent by using online coding tests to grade applicants

Create online tests

For any technical role in 2 simple steps only

Invite candidates

To take tests from anywhere in the world

Auto-assess and hire

After reviewing the detailed performance report

Our Best Propositions for You!

A Recruitment Management System which allows tailor made skill-based analysis for a specifically defined job role.
Changing the recruitment practices from 19th century to 21st century and eliminating paper-based hiring.
Reducing hundreds of hours just to hire one skilled developer and eliminating human error and any level of bias while screening candidates to get relevant and diverse candidates in recruitment. Increasing the complexity of evaluation while screening or interviewing just to filter right candidate.

Awesome Features

Scale your hiring

Screen thousand of candidates using automated tests with minimal manual effort

Eliminate bias

Eliminate human error and bias while screening candidates to get more relevant candidates in your recruiting funnel

Save time and reduce cost

Reduce the time and cost incurred while assessing unfit candidates

Improve quality of hire

Boost your interview-to-hire ratio by ensuring that you spend time interviewing good candidates only

Data-driven decisions

Automated assessments provides objectivity and stadardization to process, helping make better decisions

All-in-one Interview tool

Providing a platform to see thought process of candidate with the help IDE with compiler for 10+ languages and robust video chat.